How to start? _ Footwalk Tracking

Since I am an obsolete beginner of all the technical skills that are required to build a Funkbox. I’ve been asking for help.

Here are different suggestions from several professors. Any one of them seems really advanced and life consuming…I need to narrow down and define one best solution for now and stick with it. If you are reading my site please give me comment or helpful information that can helps me to make a decision 🙂

1) Switches vs. FSRs.. force sensing resistors..
Make plates which have larger FSRs, force sensing resistors in some type of a padded manner, which do not destroy the sensors is one. Rubber plates, with FSR in each corner, children’s floor tiles used in kindergartens might be a suitable prototyping starts..
There is definitely a difference between having switches on the floor, which can be done but even that can be tricky to do very sturdily… and … sensors.. Sensors can be thresholded to be used as switches, I need tons of switches, on resistor ladders, to be able to read then as.
The key companies dealing with creation of anything like this are really:
Interlink Electronics
Interlink electronics LONG FSR  Strips: put felt in key areas, do an X shape of two long  FSR strips, or a few of the tiled ones, but you would have to have a mechanical substructure underneath to make sure the tiles don’t slide out of place, combo of solid structures, and soft plates.. which have some sort of a guide/grid, lower than the surface of the pad, into which the pads ‘click’ into
2) Laser
Mere detection of a footstep in a certain area (switch style), again, has been done all over, with a laser grid, including early on at ITP, phototransistors reading the lasers, plexing the inputs (less input pins than there are switches.. (there are some example circuits here and there online)
Though, naturally, if the entire floor, no matter what, would be on a giant spring based scale sensor, or Hall Effect sensor grid (super well tuned), OR, 4 corner Strain Gauge sensors (essentially mimicking a giant scale), then a combo of that A) PRESSURE ANYWHERE on the floor and B) Location of the step by a laser sensor grid, would give all the key information I really need
2) Optical 
Tracking/sideways kinect combo sweep etc..  is another matter.. I might need to combine methods, when it makes sense and the way it makes sense..
3) Electronic field imaging
Testing if the Freescale/MIT Electronic Field Imaging kit could work electrodes are attached to the system, meant for sensing whether kids sit forward or rear facing in chairs, so that car airbags do not break their necks, but can be also used for sensing a hand movement/body proximity near a custom grid of sensors.. might be funky, and maybe a few of these are needed,
Not sure if the chips are sold anymore, DEVKIT does not appear to be, but contact Freescale and ask if there is a new chip which replaced it???
4) Building a grid floor
Switch grid floor
5) Floor midi interface, Pressure sensor under shoes
Millions of Thinks to Anezka Sebek, Marko Tandefelt, Joel Murphy, Joseph Saavedra, Ryan Raffa,