Problem + Solution

Some problem I’m trying to solve in the dance world:

01 – The misunderstanding of dancing.

02 – Lack of training of musicality.

03 – Lack of training on Lower Body Movement.

04 – Fear and constrain of showing personality and feeling of enjoyment.

05 – Rigid and judgmental instructions of traditional dance institutions.

06 – Ambiguous propose of current musical/instrumental games.


Way to solve the problem.

01 – Reconceptualize dance: your unique and intuitive body expression to the music.

02 – Focus on listening to the music, and response by making harmony footsteps.

03 – Interactive with only foot movement.

04 – As a result, everybody wins an entertaining experience and an unique accomplishment.

05 – No instrucional/grade/level system. You are free, on the stage.

06 – Get rid of distractive visuals and unnecessary  and over-complex functions. Simple design and clear direction.


Therefore here comes the list of thingsI want and don’t want in my project. I have keep them in mind so I won’t get lost during the tedious and endless frustrated journey with Funkbox 🙂

– Focused dance element
– Listen to music
– Intuitive Response
– Selection
– Differentiation
– Entertainment
– Accomplishment
(Take away)


Don’t want:
– Distractions
– Make them think
– Delayed data
– Restriction
– Grades / Levels
– Losers