Questions and Answers


  1. The definition of metacognition is:

    Metacognition is an educational psychology term, often simply defined as: thinking about thinking. It includes knowledge about when and how to use particular strategies for learning or for problem solving. There are generally two components of metacognition: knowledge about cognition, and regulation of cognition


  1. The definition of heuristics is:

    A heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently. These rule-of-thumb strategies shorten decision-making time and allow people to function without constantly stopping to think about the next course of action

  2. My research is in the domain(s) or fields of:

    Interactive musical interface that intergrate body movement tracking, data visualization and online sharing.

  3. My project answers the following dilemma, problem or creates the
    following problem (insight) for my target audience.

    Target audience:

    1. Lack of musicality

    2. Lack of training on lower body movement.

    3.Fear or constrain of showing freestyle

    4.Rigid and judgmental sintrctions of traditional dance institutes

  4. When my project is finished THIS SEMESTER (not next year! or later
    this summer), my object/experience, and its documentation will be
    submitted to the following conferences, galleries,festivals, web
    portals, web communities (choose at least 5):


  5. My primary reason for spending the remaining 10 weeks of the semester on my project is: (usually a personal reason for your passion and drive for the project)

    Learning to dance is part of my life in NYC besides school, I am obsessed with those increadible musicality and ability of body controlling of professional dancers. This project is training stage for the dance lovers, and a boardcasting stage to the experts.

  6. How is your project advancing your CURRENT mastery of the field you
    are studying?
    Every technical espects that I haven’t had a chance to dig into, such as data visualization, web server, pCom, webGL.

  7. (Finish this sentence)This semester, the first 5 weeks of Major
    Studio 2 have taught me (please list the most important TWO
    ideas/concepts you have learned):
    1. Concept Mapping

    2. Manage Complexity.