After a week of researching and experimenting. This is an updated ‘working in process’ presentation for the midterm of Major Studio 2.
Funkbox 2
I’ve improved two aspects in terms of concept as well as narrowed down some technical solutions.

1. Since my mean propose of the project is ‘express yourself with music’. So the original idea of “creating music’ is a little conflict here, because ‘making music’needs attentions, thoughts and which will actually from intuitive responses to music. Therefore I decided to change midi into DJ, which is more about drifting available music tracks. In a way users can choose and play with the tracks they like, which is much more natural and enjoyable for dancers.

“Artist is the always the inspiration”  – Valentine Norton (Professional Commercial Dancer)

“Must support artists ( even though they don’t support dancers; but they make music that we dance to. So it’s a trade).            – Brian Green (Professional Dancer / Choreographer )

2. Instead of individual/performance propose, I want the ‘footwork art’ be uploaded on the website so that it can be shared from people around the world. Then it turned out that it’s going to be an web app/ipad app that people can log-in, pick music, watch footwork art and interact with it.
Therefore the technical more complex since it involves
I’m sooo inspired from WebGL visuals and online Audio Visual application such as Dive in Music and Loop Waveform.