OF + Arduino + OSC + Traktor

So till now I am able to connect those things(Tutorials attached)

1.  TouchOSC –> Traktor

Tutorial bere

2. OSCulator –> Traktor

– Set values and channels for each button/controller in OSCulator

– Open Preference –> Controller Manager –> Under Device choose Generic MIDI

–> Add in (Choose the function you want to map) –> Click  ‘learn’ , it will read what you pressed on your device and automatically generate mapping to the traktor interface as you assigned.

3. Arduino –> OpenFramework

Examples available, I used the “firmata” since it’s easier.. make sure to change the serial Part same as the one in Aruduino

4.  TouchOSC –> OpenFramework


Find the OSC library, make sure the path of button/sliders are the same as they are in your phone. You can edit them in touchOSC editor while sync the layout or check them in OSCulator.

Next Step:  Arduino ..>OSC  Looking at