Glove(Pcom) vs. Kinect(Optical) vs. iPhone

So this semester is totally filled up with continuing experimenting with different ways/technologies to approach my “play with movement” goal. From the beginning of the semester, I’ve discovered several possibilites from  pcom to optical tracking and other more advanced technologies.

During the semester, I built a of  mat with 2 FSR, a glove with 1 FSR, 1 Flex sensor and pulse sensor,  a Kinect tracking app, and a iphone app. Each of them implement different technologies. But during this point of semester, it’s time for me to do a little summary and decide which one to stick with and polish for my final presentation.

The disadvantage of the glove is that it only detects your finger movement, but your whole body movements are not really involved. It can be a perfect separate part from a whole set for wearable outfits for live performances but the glove itself cannot be concerned as an appropriate and comprehensive solution for the problem. For the kinect, users have the same problem of have to stay in a certain area. Although the visual can be fun and interactive, it’s more likely creating a fun digital technology experience in a party or festival setting rather than providing a practical entertainment for everyday use. However, both kinect and glove are perfect add-on parts for my project , they can be powerful and interesting extensions from the same core.

Consider all the prototypes I’ve made, the phone app stands out in lots of aspects in terms of user experience, its readability, flexibility and feasibility… It’s kinda of go back to my original thoughts of having everyone make and dance to the same music remotely, the advantage of using phone is that it can connect to the server without computer (not like pcom or kinect), therefore it can be considered as a portable instrument itself as well as an extension of your body, or an emit point of your body that reflects your movement with less boundaries or limitations and able to transform into visuals or sound effects that response to your moves.

Kinect sketch:


The visual style of application that response to your movement and effect by the music. Image

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.20.21 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.38.14 PM 1