Interview with Dancers

Reading is good, but I still more attract to actually meeting and talking to people who are doing what I am designing for or know things that I am looking for.  So I went to the dance session which packed with extraordinary dancers from different level, style, age and race. I talked to 7 of them and documented their answer. The video is kinda noisy because the speaker in the studio is super powerful…but all the dancers I interviewed are very thoughtful and expressive, each of them has unique perspective of the relationship between dance, movement and music. I felt like talking to them brings me more inspirations and knowledge rather then reading books. After all, people who really enjoy dance barely write, they dance.

At the beginning I had a hard time thinking of an ideal way to construct the question. It’s fun to realize that the more people I asked the more clear I became of what I want to ask. Just like the more I described to people about my project, they more I became clear about my project.. (my blog is so packed with bullshit like this..)  It seems like I know what I want for the answer, but I really didn’t like to put in a way that would guide them straightly towards what I want, I want to leave the room to let them express freely, think outside of the box, be as creative and imaginative as they can and not limited to my construction, in that way I can also get inspired unexpectedly. 

Questions I’ve asked and some answers.

Q: What music do you like/what dance to you do?

A:  House / Breaking / Waacking / Popping ..

Q: How does it connect to your body?

A:  Confidents, expressions, emotions, connect to soul..

Q:  What do you visualize in your mind when you dance?

A:  Shapes, color, flows, lines, angles, points, natural elements, waters, airs, points, jazzy trumpets, body

Friends help me to think of a way to ask ( If you don’t have a physical body, what would you turn into when you dance?) Which I think even more complicated than mine..

Q: If you have the super power to control everything and transform into everything when you dance, what would you want to be.

A:  SuperHeros (Spiderman, wonderwoman..), cartoon character,  control light, speed, smoke..