Final Presentation – Critiques and thoughts

All I want to say is that: it’s such a short amount of time for me to summarize, present, and demo all my process I’ve done in this semester as well as explaining the fairly abstractive and divergence concept in a comprehensive  but easy-understandable way to people who are not necessary my target audience. I felt it’s a pity that I concerned about timing and didn’t show the guest critiquers in the interview. Because if they see that, they will get the most inspirational and extremely valuable resources that mode the purpose of the whole concept.

I can still remember some critiques and I’ve write down my thoughts about it.

Q: the music come first or the dance?

A: I said the music come first, because your dance is a reaction to what you hear, an expression of how you feel,  the perception of your understanding to the music. Music is the inspiration, the vibration that initially caused your body move. One of the problem I am trying to solve is that many people dances without listening and connecting to music, which is the reason of being constrained and feared. If they don’t stop thinking and enjoy music, they can’t let themselves go, being expressive, emotional, envolved, and really into dance.  

Q: How those visuals represent the music and movements?

A: Instead of a project that visualize music and movement, I’d rather to describe it as a set for a group of people who perform / jam / play together in a party environment.  Every role have their own controls / contribution to the visual:  DJ plays music, which effects the font visual.  VJ cues the visual, (both background and font elements) select the meaningful and responsive visual that matches the tone of the music. Listen as well as look at people and decide what visuals fits the actual scene is VJ’s job.  Dancers effects the elements by consistently different movements. Every role has their job, and communicating to each other through the continuing responsive flow. I can’t demo the whole scene  on my own since I can’t be three role in the same time. The prototype I’ve is such a starting point of what I want to achieve, but the purpose of the project is to build a tool/ system that designed for those creative people, who will put their own ideas/music/visual/movement into it, and create something that I would never expect.

Q: So the senario is just everyone hold a phone in the party?

A: The purpose is to be creative with it,  the reason I designed the interface purely a colored screen is that I don’t want users to think it’s an app or website or controller. It’s more like a light point that people can create flows and identity signals,  an energy emitter that produces super power, a element launcher thats creates fire, water, air… Call it whatever you want and use it whatever way you want, bond on different parts of body, put into jackets and scretch it,  put into pant’s pocket and shake shake, etc. Be creative, collaborative, be unexpected, fun and try out different movements and possibilities, that’s the purpose of this project. The phone is a tool, like a pen, that draw out your own freestyle in your own way. Somehow I want to add a perception that if  you think it’s just a phone, you are in trouble, your are in the boring zoom, being isolated and constrained.

Q: Why not control music from the movement.

A: I’ve started with the original idea of making musical physical products such as midi shoes and glove dj controller. But in the end I found 1). Thinking about making music is a distraction or a barrer of letting go and dance, although it can be something fun to play with, it is not the purpose of my project, which is using the music as a vibration that connects to your soul. 2) Refer to the answer of the first question.

Q: Since it’s your senario is for a party, why not try more influencing methods such as tracker or floors

A: 1) I tried everything (not sure if they saw my process slide carefully when I present, that’s why I said I don’t want to overwhelm people by all the details..) Floor is the very first idea but immediately be killed because 1) limitation of user interaction, customization, flexibility and the space setup  2) It’s gonna be a poor executed prototype in the end of the semester and I wouldn’t have time focus on other important parts 3) it has been done so many time…For the optical tracking, it’s also limited in space, and again people have been seen it too much. Phone is a great solution, which provide lots of possibilities to use  in a creative way. Check my comparison page.

Q: So it’s a like a business product that will sold for parties, a new medium besides DJ,VJ, dancers, which will eventually lost it’s functionality of helping people dance, but just a product that stands alone.

A: 1) I’ve never thought about marketing aspect of the project but this critique actually opened my mind and let me realize there’s actually potencial opportunity of selling it for business. 2) the new medium is actually a good way to put it, but since the rest three are not really communicate to each other, the new medium is demanded  in order to interconnect everything. In order words, it’s the solution of the problem I want to solve.

Q: You’ve changed your original propose and subconsciously made transformation of the concept during the process.

A: I don’t think it’s much of changing. I wasn’t confident about any solution at first even the musical aspect, since I know nothing about  them, all I had was a bunch of passion and something I don’t like about current dance situation. I remember when I talked to Marko at first time about  musical shoe. Instead of the sensors..he bookmarked for me a bunch of basic midi tutorials.I realized how ignorance I am and how dangerous it is not having core knowledge and skill but only a strong idea. And right now, all I’ve tried and learnt this semester has helped me to understand the concept much more then I thought I do. The process includes so many completely different methods and extra things that even not worth to indicate in my final, (I probably didn’t do a good job of including and showing every detail I’ve experienced because I didn’t want to overwhelm people..)  However, all the little things, no matter it’s a progress or fail, have been accumulated and the always the same objective oriented, which actually clarified the concept, helped me to accomplish the requirement of mastering a intrigate multi-user senario case like this project, developed confidences and all the way lead to just a better, simplified solution.(better for execution and user-testing).

After class I also got feedback from students:

1) They just had many fun playing with it, want to stand up and try more moves.

2) It inspired them more crazy ideas when they are playing with it.

I think it’s already somehow bring the energy and flow/effect to the class, which is exactly what I want to effect to users from the project:  inspiration and fun. I really enjoy listening to them talking about more brilliant ideas based on this prototype and get inspired and keep building on it. After all it’s a entertainment tool for everyone so… stop being serious and just listen to the music and groove with the vibe. Magic and power happens when you dance and you will able to see it.