Something I’ve learnt..

I’m here again listing all the concerns and words by numbers..Just feel like something I really have to do just to clean up my mind…

This semester has been productive in terms of learning different technologies oriented to the same target. After all the process, communication and developments..there are something I’ve learnt which sort of changed my perceptions of working on these performative/expressive/personal + environmental  projects.

1. about Spacial/Emotional/Expression related project: 

Before—>  I started from figuring out the target input  such as movement, tracking points(feel,finger..) sensors, data from body.  And  then try to design the extension effect coming from those target input.

After—–> I realize it’s more meaningful to do the other way around: create the enviroment first, set a tone, an immersive space, a designed extension,  then let the enviroment effect the target, in order words: design the interaction with target.

2. about Having Fun:

I am not a psychologist, trying to figure out, analyses and deal with people’s emotional problem is to complex for me, however, I know the enviroment does lots of effect on human’s emotion. Also, I know that having fun solves lots of emotional problems. It seems cheezy, probably will pe criticized as lack of strong concepts and arguments, but it actually  has lots of positive consequence and optimistic effect underneath, that solve lots of emotional related problems.

3. about overwhelmed methods:

Before —-> Start from spending efforts on asking people and doing researches in order to decide the best way to start, try to avoid wasting time on trying unnecessary  wrong methods.

After   —-> u can never tell which is the best way before you try it out. Spending time on  it’s not trying to be smart, it’s just an excuse of being lazy.

4. about a good idea/ ideal solution

Before —>  Start from an ideal goal, an conceptual idea, a picture in mind, then find out a way to make it in real, I didn’t even know what I don’t know, lots of uncertain. But I go with the flow, because the goal is clear and that’s a motivation for me, to start a journey in other to reach the destination.

Middle —-> learning by doing, clarifying by explaining, motivating by sharing, developing by reconceptualizing and simplifying.

After —-> the original idea is not a goal, is a starting point. I might achieve your goal eventually in a expected/unexpected way. But that’s just a joint at starting point after I draw a big circle.

5. about a big project like performance/multi-position requirement installation.

Start —->  Start from myself (self produced passion) , purely because I like dance, music, visual and nerdy interactive things.

Middle—-> There are so many things included: users, space, audience, equipments..

After —-> It’s more important to figure out a way to exhibit/perform rather than the project itself, otherwise it’s just a shitty experimental art piece.