Dance performance with FuseVJ

Finally did it! The lighting is not too good because we did it in dark. But everyone enjoyed the live show experience. Thanks all the dancers and people who supported this project. Advertisements

Demo3: wii and lots of fun

Demo2: webcam and ipad

Something I’ve learnt..

I’m here again listing all the concerns and words by numbers..Just feel like something I really have to do just to clean up my mind… This semester has been productive in terms of… Continue reading

Final Presentation – Critiques and thoughts

All I want to say is that: it’s such a short amount of time for me to summarize, present, and demo all my process I’ve done in this semester as well as explaining… Continue reading

NYU movement research

Another great research resources is the NYU movement research. Extended research: Stanford movement research : Automatic Non-Rigid 3D Modeling. The conductor project reminds me of my last major studio’s final’s research about the gesture and movement… Continue reading

Laban Movement Analysis

Lots of thanks to Anezka that provide me the very useful and interesting research source called  Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), a method and language for describing, visualizing, interpreting, and documenting all varieties of human movement.… Continue reading

A demo Video

Very simple demo video includes… sound input, remote control, different variations and user testings.

Prototype3_ Flocking behaviors

The code is based on the flocking example from Zach Liberman’s Algo class from last semester, using ofPoint and ofControlpanel. The visual is flowing consistently while effecting by the behavior of music and… Continue reading

Abelton Live + Reaktor + Razor

Since I figured out how to use Traktor though osc, I’m thinking why not try some other musical software which can actually make music or customized instrument.  So I decided to learn the most popular and… Continue reading